Whether a woman works in tech or digital one of the essentials required for becoming a strong leader is mentoring. It is crucial that the goals and ambitions are outlined through mentorship such that the path towards success becomes clearer. This can be done through various programmes offered. Mentoring can be defined as a relationship that two people hold in order to develop professionally and personally.


Every idea starts on an unsure foot and needs to be encouraged before taking flight. Mentoring does exactly that and leads to the start of new businesses along with novel ideas for unique companies. The mentors will discuss their own experiences and provide knowledgeable advice for all kinds of issues that can be faced when in business.


One of the many benefits that the mentoring schemes can lead to is obtaining more practical work.As the mentors taking part constantly push the mentees to cross their limits and overcome insecurities. The dreams that the mentees come with start formulating into realities. For instance Hanna Russell who is the CEO of Layer Home found her push through mentoring and started the website which now has hundreds of participants and products. For a mentor it feels satisfying to watch their mentee grow and develop under their guidance and their success ultimately leads to personal satisfaction.


The mentors work on the personal traits of the mentees as well. They develop confidence by giving tips on public speaking. Communication is a big aspect to overcome in business and the powerful you are while laying down your ideas, the stronger the impact of your presence will be.


Being partnered with those that have less experience and hail from a different background can lead to a different outlook on many things. A fresh perspective means that you will become open to newer ways of thinking which can be beneficial for your own business.

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