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Girls in Tech Liberia and Ecobank-Liberia Partner to Empower Women Through Internships

Empowering women and fostering tech talent in Liberia just got a major boost! Girls in Tech Liberia (GITL), a leading organization advocating for women in technology, has joined forces with Ecobank-Liberia, a premier financial institution, to offer valuable internship opportunities to GITL trainees.

This exciting partnership provides a unique platform for GITL graduates to gain hands-on experience in the dynamic banking sector. They’ll have the opportunity to:

A Thriving Collaboration

“We are thrilled to partner with Ecobank-Liberia to empower our trainees with practical experience,” said Massa Weeks, CEO of Girls in Tech Liberia. “This collaboration provides a crucial bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical application, preparing our trainees for successful careers in the tech industry.”

Ecobank-Liberia, ever committed to fostering innovation and supporting local talent, echoed this sentiment. The bank’s Managing Director, Dr. Edward Nartey Botchway stated, “At Ecobank-Liberia, we believe in investing in the future. This partnership with GITL aligns perfectly with our commitment to empowering women and promoting financial inclusion through technology.”

A Brighter Future for Women in Tech

This collaboration between GITL and Ecobank-Liberia holds immense potential for the future of women in Liberian tech. By equipping GITL graduates with practical skills and industry exposure, the program aims to:

Looking Ahead

The GITL and Ecobank-Liberia internship program is a testament to the power of collaboration in empowering women and fostering a more inclusive tech landscape. We eagerly anticipate the success stories that will emerge from this exciting partnership!

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