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Recently, Roopnarine donated computers and instructive materials to Girls in Technology Liberia (GITL), an organization building a women-inclusive and technology-centered society.

Receiving the items, the Chief Executive Officer of GITL Massa Weeks lauded Roopnarine for his kind gesture and said the computers and enlightening materials will be used for their intended purpose.

She called on other humanitarian organizations to emulate the good example of Philanthropist Roopnarine.

Ms. Weeks stressed that “Girls in technology Liberia is a non-profit and non-governmental organization established on February 5, 2019 and focuses on women’s and girls’ empowerment in various areas, especially in technology.

The GITL boss added that “considering the fact that women have been excluded and marginalized in Liberia for a very long period of time, GITL seeks to empower women and promote equality by providing opportunities for women and girls in the technology sector.”


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